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We install all around the Western Cape and Northern Cape from roof top to ground mounted installations.

So why us?

- We provide a premium service
- We believe that after support is very important and help you troubleshoot any faults or issues.
- We have experienced installers with a wide knowledge base on solar.
- We make sure that our teams stays trained.
- Our team constantly stays up to date with researching new technologies, software,settings, laws and regulations around solar to ensure our customers are always updated and on track.
- We work with top suppliers and interact and share knowledge with different solar companies building towards a better future.
-We provide only the best Tier 1 panels, batterie and inverters (Sunsynk, Deye, Victon, Luxpower ect..) Approved by the city.

Our services?

Solar Geyser
Convert your existing geyser to a Solar geyser.
Solar PV Solution
Generate your own electricity and depend less on Eskom
Back up Solution
Most cost effective solution for Load- shedding
Other Electrical
Other electrical services

Backup systems

How it works?
  • A backup solar system is still dependent upon your municipality’s electrical grid. As it does not contain solar modules and charge the batteries through your grid / Eskom. 
  • This does not help you save on electricity, but provides a solution for load-shedding when Eskom can't provide.
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Solar PV Systems

Hybrid solution: 
  • Your main goal is be connected to the grid, but generating your own electricity by storing into your battries, selling or using directly from your panels. This is managed by a Smart AI management system. 
How it works?: 
  • Duiring the day you will use generate electricity by either storing it into your battries to use later or using generated electicity directly from your panels or both at the same time. Any excess generate electricity can be pushed back or sold to your grid / Eskom by switching in between. Your hybrid system is designed to help you save maximum on electricity during the day and night without relying to much on the grid, thanks to its management system which can be programmed to fit your needs.
  • It helps in storing of excess solar energy.
  • Selling back to Eskom / grid
  • Hybrid inverters are two in one inverter. It can act as a grid tied or back up 
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Mobile monitor App
  • Best Smart inverter you can buy
  • Silent
  • You can expect a return on your investment cost of your solar system in 5 to 7 years this depends directly on your setup. Some inverters can calculated your return and the Carbon foot print thats is pretty neat.
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About Us

Solar Skills is a South African-based renewable energy solutions company. We install small to medium rooftop and ground-mounted solar pv systems. We strive on saving through Solar Skills simple process, wide range of equipment and affordable solar pv systems.

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solar skills

What we offer and need to know?

A grid-tied solar system is still dependent upon your municipality’s electrical grid. The DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic (PV) panels is sent through a grid-tied inverter, which converts it to AC power that’s compatible with the grid.


  • Your main goal is to save on your electricity bill.
  • While grid-tied solar is the cheapest option available
  • You have an inverter and solar modules to generate power during the day.
  • PV panels and inverter (along with fuses, disconnect switches, breakers, grounding equipment and surge protection) are the only equipment necessary


  • No electricity from the grid when load shedding start and will only be powered by the solar module as long as the sun is out
  • In other words, grid-tied solar PV is only designed to supplement your daytime electricity usage and save you money – it provides no back-up during a power outage.
  • better solution for commercial applications where the bulk of energy is used during the day
Many people like the idea of installing an off-grid solar system because of the independence and the stability the solar system will bring to their lives. However, this is only achievable with the appropriate equipment and batteries.


  • Your main goal is to be completely independent from the grid (Eskom)
  • A great solution for remote locations and underdeveloped communities
  • You have an inverter, battries and solar modules to generate power during the day.


  • They are more costly
  • Batteries are required to deliver electricity consistently throughout the day and night
  • It could require a lifestyle change to reduce energy consumption
  • Surplus energy production could go to waste
  • Cannot rely on the grid at night or on cloudy days
  • Batteries require maintenance, have a relatively short lifespan, and degrade rapidly
Hybrid Solar System: working system is same as traditional solar panel that is tied to grid but difference comes because of solar inverters and batteries through which power is stored for later usage. Components of this system are solar panels, hybrid inverters, solar battery, AC, grid and home appliances.


  • Your main goal is be connected to the grid duiring load shedding and generate electricity duiring the day by switching in between
  • It helps in storing of excess solar energy.
  • During evening time this stored solar energy can be used. This process is known as self-use or load shifting.
  • Hybrid inverters always come with power backup system.
  • Reduction in demand of through traditional source of energy.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Load management


  • High cost of battery often comes as issue.
  • Complicated controlling process - the systems require some knowledge and understanding
  • The number of devices you can connect to a hybrid solar energy system is limited and vary from system to system.
  • When an update occur that it takes time for a engineer to sort out the system as battries and inverters differ over time.
A back - up solar system is still dependent upon your municipality’s electrical grid. As it does not contain solar modules and charge the battries throught your grid and not solar modules The DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic (PV) panels is sent through a grid-tied inverter, which converts it to AC power that’s compatible with the grid and stored into the battries for power cuts.


  • Your main goal is to have no solar modules and only a inverter and battries which your grid (Eskom) charges batties
  • While back up solar is the cheapest option available for hospital and medical facilities
  • You can mount whole system on a tray which can be stored away for theft
  • Easy maintanace
  • Great for a quick load shedding fix when you can't afford a proper pv system


  • You won't be saving electricity. It's more of a back up system.
  • Battries needs maintenance and will deplete fast depends on the load.

How does it work?

1. Fill in form
Fill in our contact form or give us a call
2. Electricity bill
We need your latest 3 month electricity bill. This will help us decide what solar system you need at the best price.
3. Plan of action

Our top engineers will come up with an proposal for your specific needs, tariffs and consumptions cost.

4. Site visit
When you accept our plan of action then we will come out for an technical inspection of your property for the finer details of your system and make changes.
 5. Preparation

We will then prepare everything for you from inspection, safety, approval to regulations.

6. Delivery

Delivery is quick which depends on the availability of equipment and distance of the property from our warehouse

7. Installation
Insallation will only start once everything is signed and agreed on. 
 8. Commissioning
This allow us to setup, test, look for errors, show you the ropes and adjust before we sign it off as a working solar pv system.
9. Ready to save
Congrats!!! You ready to save from the moment the system was done installing.
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